Without Hope

I survived intact with heart and mind,
all those years of lies and self deception.
I feel I have arrived.

I feel it’s done.
I got to a place where I finally are at peace with myself and the world.
I feel I am ready to leave and go.

Realizing my own nature.
Realizing being connected to this planet.
After a period of rest,
I discovered,
that now is
the time to act,
and not to die.

I find myself doing, without doubting,
doing without identifying,
doing with heart and mind.
Effortlessly, yet passionately.
Relieved from the effort of thinking what impression I make onto others,
what seemed difficult before,
is lifted easily now.

Now I can act sincerely,
without an idea about myself.
And, most important,
without hope.


About Bhusunda

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2 Responses to Without Hope

  1. Beautiful and profound, Thank you!


  2. Bhusunda says:

    Thank you Bob, you are so very welcome!
    Blessings to you as well my friend.

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