To Bob

To Bob

Listening to your silent rumble,
my mind surrenders
and tears are falling.
My heart is fuller then I can endure.

May your lips be blessed
and I beg you of one thing only.

Do not leave this shore
too early
depriving me of the joy listening to you.


Left To Say


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2 Responses to To Bob

  1. My Dear Friend, I am truly overwhelmed with gratitude at your kind and loving words! We are here in different countries, on different continents, and yet part of the same soul family, and for that I place my palms together and bow deeply at your generosity of spirit.

    All Blessings to you, my Friend!

  2. Bhusunda says:

    Dear Bob, although I never met you, I feel connected to you by the spirit of your words and your generous soul. There is no way to turn for me anymore, without you sitting at my path. I feel humbled and deeply grateful for you being here, for being able to read you, for being able to feel you.
    You help me remember my own being, that was lost more or less due to me doubting on the long way. I gain confidence, … and the conviction, that there is nowhere to run away anymore.
    Be it as it is now.
    Thank you Bob for this remembrance.

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